The real self-help guru is you.

(Not financial or life advice)

Goggins shared some golden advice on the Joe Rogan podcast #1906 on Dec 6, 2022. Hearing someone be honest and get to the point was refreshing. So many of these self-help gurus give you conservative advice, so it’s hard to say they are wrong and challenge them. The core of what they are saying is legit, but they say it 1,000 different ways. I understand why they do that and they are often right to. The answer to your problems lies in you. They tell you a general approach and it’s up to you to figure out the rest. They say the same thing differently because people aren’t doing what’s necessary.

What I like about Goggins is he goes deeper; he beat his demons through extreme effort because the essential solutions weren’t enough. Goggins explained how his dad gave him his demons they didn’t just go away when he grew up or die with him. It took going into the dark and challenging it for Goggins to free himself, for most of you if you just do the essential things correctly you’ll be ok. There’s no point in watching countless hours of gurus giving advice if you aren’t doing the essential work.

If you come from a dark background that doesn’t mean you have to go to extremes like Goggins did to turn your life around. If you invest $600 monthly at 8% interest in 5 years, you will have $42000 dollars. If you create a plan to re-invent yourself with that $42000 dollars imagine how much you can do especially if you spent 5 years planning. This sounds like a lot, but I read a lot of people’s stories explaining the struggles they go through. This is just an example but if you do the work to overcome where you came from or what happened to you imagine what the results can be. Isn’t creating that future worth a plan?

A lot of life advice can be condensed into one phrase “make good choices.” If you make good choices, you will have fewer unexpected problems and more surprise wins in life. Goggins said many navy seals still have issues because they haven’t handled their s***. He’s right you can’t always build over ruins; sometimes you need to address the soil before laying the foundation on which the building will be created. If you have a lot to unpack to live your best life think about what making good choices during that journey can do.

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