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I became passionate about health and fitness after helping people turn their lives from miserable to enjoyable. Exercising and being in nature grounds your mind, turns off the noise, enhances resilience, and brings a feeling of well-being.

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The real self-help guru is you.

(Not financial or life advice) Goggins shared some golden advice on the Joe Rogan podcast #1906 on Dec 6, 2022. Hearing someone be honest and get to the point was refreshing. So many of these self-help gurus give you conservative advice, so it’s hard to say they are wrong and challenge them. The core of…

A foolish man will blame you for taking his foolish advice.

I was listening to a summary of “The Way of Monkey Book” and I thought I’ve experienced this a few times. This is also relevant I forgot where I first heard it and it’s paraphrased, “people carry their own trash and they will sling it on you and say you stink.”

An Alpha and a Gentleman

I’ve been hearing the word Alpha used incorrectly to explain a high-value man more and more every year. What’s disturbing is how often I hear it used to manipulate men to do what someone else wants. Being an Alpha doesn’t mean you are a good man, or you are supportive of your woman, all it…

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