I keep these short because 80 percent of the information tends to be in 20 percent of the content.

Red Light Therapy

Having suffered a bad concussion I bought a red light therapy device after speaking to some ethical people say that they had noticed small to moderate improvement with health problems after used one for months. I have been using it for 2 weeks and have not noticed any changes but that is not a bad … Continue reading Red Light Therapy


In 2018 I was obese, weighing about 270lbs and wanting to loose 50 pounds quickly. So I went to the diet clinic looking for a weight loss hack. I was prescribed Phentermine and given B vitamins. Since I’m a high energy and fairly neurotic person I played it safe by only taking a half dose … Continue reading Phentermine


BPC-157 is a research chemical peptide that healed my hamstring after it progressively got worse for 12 years even after being seen by well reviewed doctors their treatments didn’t do anything to fix the injury and it eventually became difficult to walk up a hill with even a slight incline. I first found out about … Continue reading BPC-157


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