have been through trauma and injured? Do you want to start living a healthier better life? either way this applies to you.

The first thing we need to address is how to handle the mental mayhem you are going through right now. First realize you are going to get better. Take a deep breath and relax. This can be a long process. Don’t try and do to much at once. When you are back to 100%, push yourself to your limit. For now focus on fixing one thing at a time. In time you will start to feel better.

Next, remove the energy vampires out of your life. You can’t recover in a toxic environment. This is a time in your life where you need to rest, work, recover, and grow. Do this until you have set clear goals. If you are distracted all the time, you won’t be able to work or improve your health and your life. If you are struggling to focus, talk to your mental health professional.

Do a mental reset before proceeding. I suggest completing the Jordan Peterson self authoring suite to bring old issues to pasture. Than summarize your life story focusing on the strengths you have that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Your ready for your first win. Make sure you pick something 100% doable. With a win under your belt and goals to accomplish your an improved version of yourself with a future so bright you need sunglasses.

Now push the feeling to “go forth and put your dent in the universe.” Richard Cooper