Your home’s first impression.

You want people’s first impression of your house to be a peaceful, inviting, and calm. Having a nice fenced-in yard gives the feeling of extended tranquility that can really put guests at ease and make them want to come back.

One idea for really giving your yard an open feel is using stencils to paint nature inspired themes on your fenced-in yard. Imagine looking at your back yard and instead of seeing a fence you see a mural of animals walking between trees.

Bear Stencil

Bird Stencil

Tree Stencil

Letter Stencils

Half time is over.

Yesterday I met a nice newly married couple when I was out. They just bought a house the man is remodeling while his wife is apprenticing at a job she’s passionate about. The man was talking about how he’s getting overwhelmed and doesn’t know if he can do all of the work and I really enjoyed giving him some pointers. When I went home that night I thought to myself I need to keep chipping away at what I have to do because I don’t want to leave this world with my ideas on the drawing table never having come to reality.

We need to be the John Gault of our own life some time’s.

“I will stop the motor of the world.” John Gault

In the book Atlus Shrugged the world was going mad and John Gault knew he had to intervene. In your own life when you get off track, burned out, or go down the rabbit hole of bad habits you need to hit the breaks and re-think what your doing.

Why do this?

  • Because the sooner you act to stop making decisions and start making good decisions the sooner you will see results.
  • Because you can have the life you want if you keep chipping away at it long enough.

I was born in Norwich, England

I like being outside with nature, working on my garden, and being with my rescue dogs.

I’m built a gym in my shed with a reverse hypertension machine which is amazing for helping with lower back injuries yet almost unheard of.

My immediate goal is to enjoy outdoor activities again. I like working with my hands and pushing my body to new limits.