Exercise 2.0

Here is the new magic exercise routine where you don’t have to work as hard to get a body you want. Make changes that are within your means, if you haven’t been exercising every day and calorie counting what makes you think you will start now? If you are 30 pounds overweight do you really want washboard abs or will you be happy to drop 20 pounds and change your physique for the better while still enjoying your vices just not as much? You burn fat from your frame and add muscle while keeping the same friends and eating at the same places.

I made a statement a few years ago in a fitness community that most people would gain a huge boost to their confidence if they get into pretty good shape. If you are really focused and aim for a 4 pack will you not be happy that you achieved that because you don’t have a 6 pack? I read on steelsupplements.com that “about 15% of people have 4-pack abs while 2% of people have a 6-pack. Steelsupplements.com states that is to do with a lot of different factors that I am not bringing up here that are still interesting to read. I looked up the stat to bring up a picture of hidden meaning. In my personal experience, it’s harder to get a 6-pack than a 4-pack but I still feel great when I have a 4-pack. No, I didn’t do the work it takes to get a 6 pack but my stomach is almost flat and I feel great with that appearance.

I still like ice cream, pizza, and watching shows in the home theatre I had built because I like my downtime and strive to make the most of it. Sometimes I think I’d like to be in better shape and completely shredded and that doesn’t take away from how I feel about myself. I have spinal injuries and do exercises to keep them from getting worse every day. I am in fairly good shape because I take time every day to maintain my current level of health and make myself a better person. I feel I have a pretty good balance in life and I believe if you take some time out of your day to take care of yourself you will have a more balanced life as well.

Not medical advice.

Amazing regenerative peptide.

I have read and read about the amazing beneficial claims of the copper peptide GHK-Cu. Research is still being done but it’s likely it can positively change Gene Expression and reset parts of the body to a healthier state. It might even remove inflammation from the brain, heal injuries, and improve overall health. The benefits people claim they have had are unreal.

Here are several articles because I am not recommending you take this but if you are interested you can do your own research.

Article 1

Article 2

Not medical advice.

If you are young and stressed out you might have a really hard life when you get older.

There have never been more resources available for personal growth than there are now. Chances are no one is coming to save you I hope you utilize those resources and take ownership of your life. Make sure you vet the sources that you choose when taking their advice because a lot of people are selling what I call self-help and education porn. People will recommend a course of action to you that they haven’t tried or researched to get more views on their channel.

Seek the advice of a professional if you have medical or mental health problems this is not meant as an alternative to professional treatment.

Double down on what you are best at.

Stop putting in a lot of work to do what you are ok at. Make a plan first though and work on your purpose part-time. If you haven’t already pursued your passion are you going to put in the work if you quit your job? If you pursue your passion part-time with a plan to make it your full-time income you will be changing the way you think while you still have a steady income.

Your going to therapy but your not getting better do you have a leaky brain?

I went to more therapists than I can count and spent thousands of hours reading self-help books and applying the advice but I was still suffering from depression symptoms and mood swings years later even though my life looked good from the outside. Then I had a consult with a dietician named Marko Papuckovski because I was having trouble breathing and he said an anti-inflammatory diet will not only open my airways but I’m showing symptoms of a damaged blood brain barrier and a 6 month diet will help that heal as well.

I was a heavy drinker at the time so I ate as close to an anti-inflammatory diet as I could stand and took a 3 month break from drinking. My stomach felt better and a lot of my brain fog went away after just 3 months so a few days later I decided to do it again and lasted 3 months again before I came off the diet. After the second try a lot more of my brain fog cleared up and I generally felt better all around. My desire to drink drastically reduced and for months I only drank a fraction of what I had before.

A few months later I was thinking I feel better than I have in the last 15 years but I want to get rid of the rest of this brain fog and regain some the mental sharpness I had before I experienced what a Dr. suspected was a traumatic brain injury. So I went on the anti-inflammatory diet again but stricter this time going so far as to clear anything inflammatory out of my kitchen including sugar and replacing my cooking oils with avocado oil. Taking those extra steps paid off it was easy to breath out of my nose for the first time in years and most of the remaining brain fog went away. My memory noticeably improved as well.

It hasn’t been long and I’m feeling better than when I was in my mid 20s. I’m recalling a lot of the advice I read over the years and applying it now. When I read the self help books, watched the videos, and participated in forums I took the best advice and put it in a notebook. No matter how hard I tried I wasn’t able to properly apply a lot of the the high quality advice I took notes of because my brain wasn’t working properly. Now I am quickly making myself a better man.

In the future I might go to a compounding pharmacy and try a peptide like BPC-157 or get a whole body stem cell treatment but I got this far by reducing stress and eating better.

This blog isn’t offering medical advice just my own experience. If you look up what can cause a leaky blood brain barrier you will find a lot of contributing factors including stress, poor diet, mold, and poor sleep quality. I believe the body needs a tune up even if your not feeling bad why not go on an anti-inflammatory diet every few years to see if the body heals itself before you notice something is wrong?

Not Medical Advice

Childhood trauma creates addiction

I was an alcoholic from 2004 to 2021. It was my crutch I was highly motivated and an avid gym goer usually ending long hard days with a couple more hard drinks than where necessary to wind down. Because of Covid there was only 1 AA group within an hour of my house so I went to a few meetings and my would be sponsor (great guy) said to be part of the group I had to give a 35 hour a week commitment to the group.

I had to find another way to get my drinking under control because I couldn’t quit my night gig to attend the group meetings. An acquaintance from another group told me about Dr. Gabor Mate. I figured the course is 6 hours and affordable I’d give it a shot. I learned a lot about myself in that course. I think it’s important for you to take notes and apply what this course has to offer to yourself in a tailored way if your an addict.

One thing it lead me learning for myself is always look forward and take care of myself. I didn’t realize how bad I was treating myself before. I worked out, ate a healthy diet besides the excessive drinking and worked hard to secure an enjoyable future for myself. What I wasn’t doing is looking to the future emotionally I was always in the past and I wasn’t listening to myself about what I was missing in life. We are going to live longer than any generation in history so look to the future it can be better than many of you can imagine.

Not Medical Advice

How minimalism helped me find hobbies I enjoy and the pursuit of my purpose

  1. Reduced mental clutter, reduced debt, consider you options before committing to a new decision, get what you want without major obligations, perform regular lifestyle audits and don’t get deterred from your purpose through concessions.
  2. Prioritized items naturally reduce mental clutter, healthy foods help with ADHD symptoms and increase livelihood, a nomad lifestyle is a possibility.
  3. Have big inspirations, minimalism isn’t about having less it’s minimizing distractions from the pursuit of big dreams, big aspirations reduce mental clutter too.
  4. Reap the benefits of minimalism without boxing yourself in as a “minimalist”, it’s better to have one nice piece of furniture than a room full of junk.

Level up because more sex is safer sex.

In Steven E Landsburg book More Sex is Safer Sex, good men increase the spread of sexually transmitted diseases when they avoid casual sex. Women have sexual needs. If you don’t fulfill them, someone else will. Jump to 2020. Many of you will have heard women only want to date the top 20% of men. And it only gets worse.

Apps increase the accessibility of highly attractive men just looking for a good time. A lot of men are retreating into video games and other hobbies rather than dating, while the top 20% of men engage in casual sex without entering into a relationship. This isn’t healthy for men or women. Women do not want to share a guy with three other women. They would rather date a man after he increased his sexual marketplace value.

When men and woman have larger overlapping interests, they are better off. According to Rollo Tomassi, men and women are a compliment each other. The issue with “the all about me mentality” is that people aren’t learning important topics their partners want them to know. A woman will be nicer to a man she deems of high value to attract and keep him, while a man will cater to whatever a woman asks, hoping she will approve of him and treat him kindly. Sometimes women will adopt a false persona to attract high value men. This helps no one.

You have to be good to yourself to be good to your partner or the person you want to be in a long term relationship with. If a relationship is to succeed, people must enjoy doing things for their partner. If they don’t, the relationship will be unsustainable and possibly toxic. A man must be a good version of himself before he enters a relationship, and women must not be overly consumed with finding the best man she can get. Otherwise, she will be unable to appreciate the high quality man in her life.

My advice to men: Don’t date if you are not where you know you should be right now. Act slowly when entering into a long-term relationship after you have become the man you should be. In the meantime, casually date and treat ladies like ladies, not garden tools. You will be better than your competition.

Practice safe sex.

The benefits of Jordan Peterson’s self authoring suite.

At 39 years old I hit a wall in my life where I couldn’t get enough done to keep ahead of the responsibilities I had. After I got rid of everything in my life that was distracting me from doing the things I really wanted to do I started thinking about negative childhood events all the time. It was draining me of my energy and I knew I needed to do something.

I didn’t want to go to therapy for years to slowly chip away at the issues in my subconscious because that would be expensive and time consuming so I looked for a journaling method that would help me help myself in a timely manner.

I found https://www.selfauthoring.com/ and decided to trust it because Jordan Peterson is an efficient communicator and he probably wouldn’t publish a program that would take an unnecessarily lengthy period of time to complete. The program consists of 4 exercises and it took me several days of journaling several hours a day to complete. It was organized very well and it dug deeper into my subconscious than I expected.

I found closure with many past experiences just like Jordan Peterson said would happen by examining events I don’t want to experience again and stating what I would do differently so they wouldn’t happen again if I was in the same situations. I wasn’t overwhelmed by past events but I wanted to do a mental tune up so I could work more efficiently and that is exactly what I got.

It was a little overwhelming cleaning out my house, my shed, and my mind all in the same week but now I have more time work and do things I enjoy.

I recommend seeking the aid of a psychologist if you need help this is not meant to be an alternative to therapy.