How I fixed my lower back.

In 2006 I was in the Air Force and an Air Force Doctor wanted me to get 2 surgeries because my discs where down to 20 percent of their original height. My orthopedic doctor also wanted me to get rods put into my back. I didn’t want to resort to that until I researched alternative options like decompression and using physical therapy to re-center the discs and relieve the pain of the pinched nerves.\

I went through drastic measures to pop my back and relieve the extreme pressure because my chiropractor and physical therapist couldn’t give me any relief. It worked but I later learned that was extremely dangerous and people have been paralyzed doing that so I suggest you don’t try it. I was still in al lot of constant pain though. So I bought an inversion table. Using the table was very painful I would turn cherry red and after I did my daily session I would lay on the floor unable to stand up for 30 minutes but it gave me relief. I had another x-ray of my spine done and it showed I had drastically improved the space in between my discs but the doctor said it might not be permanent.

14 years later I had over a hundred at home sessions on the inversion table and I hadn’t used one in 2 years because it stopped helping. My partial back pain relief stayed but I was still in al lot of pain all the time. I was contemplating paying for the surgery I could have gotten over 10 years ago for free. Than someone told me about the Reverse Hyper Extension table. That was another game changer for me. I stopped having the debilitating muscle spasms in the lower back and walking became easier. I was still in pain but I went from having to take a bunch of herbal muscle relaxers and at home back massages to barely make it through the day to making it through the day normally just in some pain. I can’t explain how big of a deal that is to someone that hasn’t experienced a severe back injury.

I’m still using the Reverse Hyper Extension table along with stretching and exercise to heal my lower back and I’m still experiencing the benefits of improving posture, fading pain, and increasing strength several weeks into this experimental routine.

Boosting mental focus.

I had terrible brain fog for 3.5 years after getting hit in the face multiple times with a hard object. My life came within an inch of falling apart, my wife left, people judged me for being weak and I wanted to give up.

Things started looking up when I tried an HGH booster from a weight loss clinic called Sermorelin. It might have been the placebo effect because I was so desperate to do anything that would make me feel better but I started have better workouts and my body started recovering, my brain fog cleared a little and I was finally able to find a job. I only took Sermorelin for 6 months so I could pursue other treatment methods.

I still had bad brain fog and fatigue so I kept searching for answers and trying different supplements and diets. Than I started taking Alpha GPC, Bacopa, Lions Mane and that was a game changer. My mental fog completely went away for most of the day, I stopped getting super tired a few hours into the workday, I dreamed at night again, and I started waking up motivated to better myself when I was relying purely on discipline before.


BPC-157 is a research chemical peptide that healed my hamstring after it progressively got worse for 12 years even after being seen by well reviewed doctors their treatments didn’t do anything to fix the injury and it eventually became difficult to walk up a hill with even a slight incline. I first found out about BPC-157 watching a video with Dr. Rand and than I found world class power lifters where using it like the men in this video Peptides: BPC-157.

To gain access to it you have to go to Europe or Hormone treatment centers so it might not be cost effective where you live.

Getting rid of muscle spasms.

I’ve had bad muscle spasms for 19 years. I found deep tissue massages helped a lot with the right massage therapist but they get very expensive. I tried out a number of different massage tools and found the percussion massage gun was like getting a professional massage and it can maneuver to reach any part of the body.

I also used Formula 303 for 14 years to treat muscle spasms when they got so bad I couldn’t work and as a sleep aid. I don’t use it as much now since purchasing the percussion massage gun.

Your home’s first impression.

You want people’s first impression of your house to be a peaceful, inviting, and calm. Having a nice fenced-in yard gives the feeling of extended tranquility that can really put guests at ease and make them want to come back.

One idea for really giving your yard an open feel is using stencils to paint nature inspired themes on your fenced-in yard. Imagine looking at your back yard and instead of seeing a fence you see a mural of animals walking between trees.

Bear Stencil

Bird Stencil

Tree Stencil

Letter Stencils

Half time is over.

Yesterday I met a nice newly married couple when I was out. They just bought a house the man is remodeling while his wife is apprenticing at a job she’s passionate about. The man was talking about how he’s getting overwhelmed and doesn’t know if he can do all of the work and I really enjoyed giving him some pointers. When I went home that night I thought to myself I need to keep chipping away at what I have to do because I don’t want to leave this world with my ideas on the drawing table never having come to reality.

We need to be the John Gault of our own life some time’s.

“I will stop the motor of the world.” John Gault

In the book Atlus Shrugged the world was going mad and John Gault knew he had to intervene. In your own life when you get off track, burned out, or go down the rabbit hole of bad habits you need to hit the breaks and re-think what your doing.

Why do this?

  • Because the sooner you act to stop making decisions and start making good decisions the sooner you will see results.
  • Because you can have the life you want if you keep chipping away at it long enough.

I was born in Norwich, England

I like being outside with nature, working on my garden, and being with my rescue dogs.

I’m built a gym in my shed with a reverse hypertension machine which is amazing for helping with lower back injuries yet almost unheard of.

My immediate goal is to enjoy outdoor activities again. I like working with my hands and pushing my body to new limits.