Complex post-traumatic stress disorder

Not medical advice. Therapies that tell the survivor their problem is in the mind and even to take ownership of what happened to them have their place. I believe in taking ownership but that isn’t a cure-all for everyone. I imagine that telling survivors their problem is in their mind brings them shame that was the case with me. I strongly believe in taking ownership of my life so I was wondering why I was still suffering after I did so much right for so long. After reading a book called Complex PTSD: From Survivng to Thriving I discovered my inner critic was, in my opinion, the largest part of my identity. Realizing I coudlnt’ be perfect enough to accept myself I went through some of the exercises to aid in addressing the inner critic and what lead to its development.

My sense of self was broken down and I couldn’t figure out why; now I understand. If you had a tough childhood or were emotionally manipulated over a long period as an adult, this is probably worth bringing up to your psychologist.

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