An Alpha and a Gentleman

I’ve been hearing the word Alpha used incorrectly to explain a high-value man more and more every year. What’s disturbing is how often I hear it used to manipulate men to do what someone else wants. Being an Alpha doesn’t mean you are a good man, or you are supportive of your woman, all it means is a man has proven he is dominant. Being a disagreeable man, an unethical man, or a jerk doesn’t make a man Alpha either.

What I think women are trying to say they want is an Alpha and a Gentleman, that is also not to be confused with a man that’s Alpha at work and Beta to her. To be an Alpha and a Gentleman requires the man to do a lot of work and he can’t be both unless he has a balanced life and is true to himself. Those few men who are both Alpha and Gentleman have done a lot of work to get where they are and they are kind enough to be nice to others when respect is returned to them in kind. They are still men who have feelings and experience challenges/limitations. To be Alpha and have a good heart at the same time they can’t act beta and submissive when it’s convenient to someone else and then turn back into Alpha when it’s also convenient to someone else.

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