You have to be part of your own rescue.

I was talking to a friend looking for ways to improve my interactions with people and told him about the times I tried to save negative people but they just took from me without changing for the better at all and he said they gotta participate in their own rescue. When I asked him if he coined that he told me Corey Wayne says that all the time. I agreed and referred back to another thing The King Ray-Ray said and that is to put a forcefield up between you and negative people. You have to choose very carefully who you spend your time with and be even more careful about who you decide to help.

Some people will take any help you give them and make the most out of it while others will turn it into something negative. If you help someone and they turn it into something positive that’s good for both of you so if you have a giving heart you owe it to yourself to make sure that you aren’t taken advantage of.

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