What you feed your mind becomes reality.

Recently I asked a man who’s younger than me how he has consistently been able to work 100 hours a week year after year. I wasn’t looking to copy his lifestyle and work 100 hours a week myself but I saw something in him and I wanted to learn from him. I listened to a video he sent me a link to called How I stay Connected to GOD and I was skeptical but I listened because he took the time out of his busy schedule to talk to me. After I watched the video I said to him what you take in affects how you view the world, how you think, and what you like. I realized I had the intention of blocking negative energy my entire life but I always let it in thinking I have enough willpower not to let it affect me.

I realized I was wrong because in a video by The King Ray-Ray he stated he remembers the bad scenes from a horror movie he watched years ago to this day but on the positive side when he watches something funny he might randomly laugh for months afterward. So he chose to only watch positive content now.

2 thoughts on “What you feed your mind becomes reality.

  1. I’m listening to this – not finished yet as I’m a bit stuck. I totally am on board with the get rid of negativity thing – especially movies. I really related to that. I remember seeing a zombie movie when I was 13 and it totally freaked me out. Hated horrors ever since. However, I’m really struggling with faith and the notion that you block all negative people – whilst negative people per se don’t have a place in your life, what about when those close to you are going through a negative period? Should I have dumped Darrin when he was ill? What about when my friends need support for a period of time? I’ve not listened to the rest as I’ve struggled with this concept but will continue if you say there is an answer?


    1. I have felt better since I stopped reading and listening to content that makes me feel bad. This is not life advice since you and I are very different, but I would suggest taking a similar approach to people. There is a businessman I forgot his name, but he listens to people tell their stories of misfortune and says and. He states that’s unfortunate but what are you going to do now? People experience genuinely bad things and need support but I learned to only offer support to the extent it doesn’t bring me down.


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