Childhood trauma creates addiction

I was an alcoholic from 2004 to 2021. It was my crutch I was highly motivated and an avid gym goer usually ending long hard days with a couple more hard drinks than where necessary to wind down. Because of Covid there was only 1 AA group within an hour of my house so I went to a few meetings and my would be sponsor (great guy) said to be part of the group I had to give a 35 hour a week commitment to the group.

I had to find another way to get my drinking under control because I couldn’t quit my night gig to attend the group meetings. An acquaintance from another group told me about Dr. Gabor Mate. I figured the course is 6 hours and affordable I’d give it a shot. I learned a lot about myself in that course. I think it’s important for you to take notes and apply what this course has to offer to yourself in a tailored way if your an addict.

One thing it lead me learning for myself is always look forward and take care of myself. I didn’t realize how bad I was treating myself before. I worked out, ate a healthy diet besides the excessive drinking and worked hard to secure an enjoyable future for myself. What I wasn’t doing is looking to the future emotionally I was always in the past and I wasn’t listening to myself about what I was missing in life. We are going to live longer than any generation in history so look to the future it can be better than many of you can imagine.

Not Medical Advice

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