Level up because more sex is safer sex.

In Steven E Landsburg book More Sex is Safer Sex, good men increase the spread of sexually transmitted diseases when they avoid casual sex. Women have sexual needs. If you don’t fulfill them, someone else will. Jump to 2020. Many of you will have heard women only want to date the top 20% of men. And it only gets worse.

Apps increase the accessibility of highly attractive men just looking for a good time. A lot of men are retreating into video games and other hobbies rather than dating, while the top 20% of men engage in casual sex without entering into a relationship. This isn’t healthy for men or women. Women do not want to share a guy with three other women. They would rather date a man after he increased his sexual marketplace value.

When men and woman have larger overlapping interests, they are better off. According to Rollo Tomassi, men and women are a compliment each other. The issue with “the all about me mentality” is that people aren’t learning important topics their partners want them to know. A woman will be nicer to a man she deems of high value to attract and keep him, while a man will cater to whatever a woman asks, hoping she will approve of him and treat him kindly. Sometimes women will adopt a false persona to attract high value men. This helps no one.

You have to be good to yourself to be good to your partner or the person you want to be in a long term relationship with. If a relationship is to succeed, people must enjoy doing things for their partner. If they don’t, the relationship will be unsustainable and possibly toxic. A man must be a good version of himself before he enters a relationship, and women must not be overly consumed with finding the best man she can get. Otherwise, she will be unable to appreciate the high quality man in her life.

My advice to men: Don’t date if you are not where you know you should be right now. Act slowly when entering into a long-term relationship after you have become the man you should be. In the meantime, casually date and treat ladies like ladies, not garden tools. You will be better than your competition.

Practice safe sex.

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