The benefits of Jordan Peterson’s self authoring suite.

At 39 years old I hit a wall in my life where I couldn’t get enough done to keep ahead of the responsibilities I had. After I got rid of everything in my life that was distracting me from doing the things I really wanted to do I started thinking about negative childhood events all the time. It was draining me of my energy and I knew I needed to do something.

I didn’t want to go to therapy for years to slowly chip away at the issues in my subconscious because that would be expensive and time consuming so I looked for a journaling method that would help me help myself in a timely manner.

I found and decided to trust it because Jordan Peterson is an efficient communicator and he probably wouldn’t publish a program that would take an unnecessarily lengthy period of time to complete. The program consists of 4 exercises and it took me several days of journaling several hours a day to complete. It was organized very well and it dug deeper into my subconscious than I expected.

I found closure with many past experiences just like Jordan Peterson said would happen by examining events I don’t want to experience again and stating what I would do differently so they wouldn’t happen again if I was in the same situations. I wasn’t overwhelmed by past events but I wanted to do a mental tune up so I could work more efficiently and that is exactly what I got.

It was a little overwhelming cleaning out my house, my shed, and my mind all in the same week but now I have more time work and do things I enjoy.

I recommend seeking the aid of a psychologist if you need help this is not meant to be an alternative to therapy.

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