In 2018 I was obese, weighing about 270lbs and wanting to loose 50 pounds quickly. So I went to the diet clinic looking for a weight loss hack. I was prescribed Phentermine and given B vitamins. Since I’m a high energy and fairly neurotic person I played it safe by only taking a half dose and I liked the extra energy without any bad side effects. So I took a full dose the 2nd day, that’s when I realized it’s not for me.

I was already stressed the morning I took the 2nd dose because I had so many things on my plate, than I got a huge energy boost and became high energy obsessive compulsive. I became frustrated with how dirty the house my ex-wife and I recently moved into was and all I did was angrily clean for 10 hours.

When it wore off I realized I was moody, I didn’t efficiently utilize time, and I can loose weight just from changing my diet without exercising at all because my terrible diet probably accounted for 40 of the pounds I needed to loose and the lack of exercise 10.

This is just my opinion on phentermine and taking shortcuts, I truly believe that with lofty goals you can get half way to them easily by making some changes in your lifestyle, it’s the second half of a lofty goal where you have to buckle down and put in a huge effort. I never tried phentermine again but I would not be surprised if I had a much better experience if I had been exercising regularly before taking it.

Not medical advice.

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