How I fixed my lower back.

In 2006 I was in the Air Force and an Air Force Doctor wanted me to get 2 surgeries because my discs were down to 20 percent of their original height. My orthopedic doctor also wanted me to get rods put into my back. I didn’t want to resort to that until I researched alternative options like decompression and using physical therapy to re-center the discs and relieve the pain of the pinched nerves.

I went through drastic measures to pop my back and relieve the extreme pressure because my chiropractor and physical therapist couldn’t give me any relief. It worked but I later learned that was extremely dangerous and people have been paralyzed doing that so I suggest you don’t try it. I was still in a lot of constant pain though. So I bought an inversion table. Using the table was very painful I would turn cherry red and after I did my daily session I would lay on the floor unable to stand up for 30 minutes but it gave me relief. I had another x-ray of my spine done and it showed I had drastically improved the space in between my discs but the doctor said it might not be permanent.

14 years later I had over a hundred at-home sessions on the inversion table and I hadn’t used one in 2 years because it stopped helping. My partial back pain relief stayed but I was still in a lot of pain all the time. I was contemplating paying for the surgery I could have gotten over 10 years ago for free. Then someone told me about the Reverse Hyper Extension table. That was another game-changer for me. I stopped having debilitating muscle spasms in the lower back and walking became easier. I was still in pain but I went from having to take a bunch of herbal muscle relaxers and at-home back massages to barely making it through the day to make it through the day normally just in pain. I can’t explain how big of a deal that is to someone that hasn’t experienced a severe back injury.

I’m still using the Reverse Hyper Extension table along with stretching and exercise to heal my lower back and I’m still experiencing the benefits of improving posture, fading pain, and increasing strength several weeks into this experimental routine. My back is still weak and I still have muscle spasms. That is not bad news I was in such bad shape that life was unbearable before my condition improved. Because of the amount of degeneration in the discs in my back, I am happy with the results and the improvement instead of further degradation of the discs is huge.

Not medical advice.

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