Boosting mental focus.

I had terrible brain fog for 3.5 years after getting hit in the face multiple times with a hard object. My life came within an inch of falling apart, my wife left, people judged me for being weak and I wanted to give up.

Things started looking up when I tried an HGH booster from a weight loss clinic called Sermorelin. It might have been the placebo effect because I was so desperate to do anything that would make me feel better but I started to have better workouts and my body started recovering, my brain fog cleared a little and I was finally able to find a job. I only took Sermorelin for 6 months so I could pursue other treatment methods.

I still had bad brain fog and fatigue so I kept searching for answers and trying different supplements and diets. Then I started taking Alpha GPC, Bacopa, Lions Mane and that was a game changer. My mental fog completely went away for most of the day, I stopped getting super tired a few hours into the workday, I dreamed at night again, and I started waking up motivated to better myself when I was relying purely on discipline before.

Not medical advice

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